The Flamboyant School for Special Children


  • In October 2011 the Ministry of Education allocated us land in Mazabuka to build our new school.
  • November 2011 we received funding to clear the land and put up a wall fence to secure the premises.
  • In January 2012 we received Irish funding for two – three classroom blocks with storerooms and an ablution block.
  • In February 2012 we started the building project. We have completed the classroom and ablution blocks. We managed to build the school hall with kitchen and toilet attached with the funds we have raised in our annual fund raiser. Unfortunately we have not been able to complete the hall with attached kitchen and toilets.

The very exciting news is that on 17th of June “The Flamboyant School for Special Children” opened its doors to 70 disabled children. At last we have a school to allow these children to blossom into special individuals.

The Future For The Flamboyant School For Special Children

  • Many of these children that attend our school are not academics and cannot concentrate for long periods of time. Therefore we would like to introduce different ways for these children to learn and enjoy school so they can experiment and find their niche in life.
  • We hope to feed the children lunch each day and then keep the children at school for afternoon activities.
  • We have started developing the sports fields and we will slowly purchase sports equipment so that we can introduce sport which will help strengthen the children, improve their co ordination and allow them to have some fun.
  • These children also need life skills, crafts and more practical ways for them to learn. By this we hope to introduce beading, wire work, sewing, simple metal work, wood work and other different crafts.
  • We have started a vegetable garden which the children will help cultivate and learn how to grow their own vegetables and through this we hope to teach the children some organic farming methods.
  • All these different skills that we hope to introduce will allow us one of these days to open our own shop and give the children the confidence to sell their own products.
Flamboyant Children

Flamboyant Children